Rolex GMT-Master II

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Every once in a while, a giant flexes its muscles and the whole world trembles. Demonstrating their skill in manufacturing is Rolex with the introduction of the new GMT-Master II. So what’s so special about this wristwatch? People believed that a two-color ceramic is impossible to create, but Rolex did it anyway. That’s the story behind the blue and red bezel on this beauty. Instead of traditional materials like steel or carbon, Rolex fits the GMT-Master II with a Cerachrom bezel. The material may be hard to develop, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the manufacturing challenges. Ceramic is UV-resistant, which means the colors on the bezel of the GMT-Master II would keep its luster for a longer time. Visually stunning, the watch is encased in a 40mm-wide Oyster case. It’s animated by a Manufacture Rolex Mechanical 3186 self-winding movement equipped with a Perpetual rotor. Because telling time in two zones simultaneously is made easier with the GMT-Master II, this is the perfect watch for aviators and jetsetters. $TBD.

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