Breguet Twin Tourbillon

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Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon to negate the effects of gravity on the accuracy of a mechanical watch. The new Breguet 5347 Twin Tourbillon has not one, but two tourbillon regulators, effectively doubling its accuracy. Not only is it more accurate, it’s more complicated and this means heaven for fans of the mechanical genius behind these type of watches. The 44 mm rose gold case encapsulate the two regulators that are coupled by differential gears, connected by a bridge, and mounted on a rotating central plate. This differential device transmit the mean rate of the two tourbillons and the bridge indicates the hours. A conventional hand indicate the minutes. Think of the movement as the moon rotating around the Earth, only more complex. Precise, complicated, and a true beauty to behold, this watch is for the true fan of extreme watchmaking ability. $TBA.

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